Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix

The icon of haute couture: Christian Lacroix handbag

More than ever, Sacastar introduce you new trends in leather goods with exclusive brand and for this season, the famous French luxury brand: Christian Lacroix. The fashion house captivates with a compilation of handbags and small leather purses very chic and perfect for fashion lover.

If the offer is fairly uniform in color, you will discover a multitude form handy and trends. The starting point of the season is so generous because of the fabulous logo. Find a wide collection of Christian Lacroix bag and very feminine mode on 

The famous French designer for the Haute Couture leather goods on

The volume of Christian Lacroix bags are entirely focused towards modernism and are primarily a reflection of the Haute couture house Christian Lacroix. Indeed, Christian Lacroix put all its “savoir faire” and the essential attention to the creation of its products, high level of items have been checked by professional of leather goods from luxury. With classic and discreet forms, handbags Christian Lacroix restore a blast for bags that can be carried by hand.