Your Eastpak backpack: Follow your intuition to choose the one

Discover now all new colories for Eastpak backpacks, whether the famous Padded Pak'r, Pinnacle, Delegate or Wyoming. Assorted colors for Eastpak bags, the pencil case will store all your pencils. They are incredibly simple, lightweight, sturdy and waterproof as the backpack. To closing all zippers, Eastpak kits come in three different sizes.


  1. EASTPAK (485)
  1. Synthetic (12)
  2. Cordura (473)

We must say that everything is guaranteed: this includes management of zippers, seams and straps. But not the tearing of the fabric of a misuse of your backpack. Of course we invite you to discover all the colors on Sacastar.co.uk. 

Find a large selection of Eastpak luggage bag: the discovery's spirit on Sacastar.co.uk

The legend of Eastpak backpacks is now really strong and you're probably not buying your first Eastpak bag. I assure you, you are not alone. Some even change color every week. This is undoubtedly the most famous backpack for young people. Every year, new colors are emerging with high technology of material. To complement its product range, Eastpak offers us a collection of purses, school kits and also shoulder bag. A rich collection of luggage and travel bag on wheels has also been launched. To satisfy you, Sacastar.co.uk proposes to you the largest selection of bag eastpak on the internet and free shipping is offered.