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It is in the reputation of its leather, worked in the basic rules of the French leather handbag Lancaster draws its aura. And it is this expertise in leatherwork Lancaster reflected in its lines of bags and accessories now become essential.

Combining expertise of leather and perpetual innovation, the handbag Lancaster raises all covetousness, thanks in particular to his audacity and revolutionary way of thinking about women's fashion. A liberated design, a precursor, a revolution in women's fashion and leather goods ... Well, in short, embodied the handbag Lancaster today.

The eternal handbag of Lancaster

This success, the Lancaster handbag has two slogans: creativity and diversity. The brand puts a high point to vary its models, and disassemble the codes established to stick better to the personality of women, and thus the showcase.

This philosophy Sacastar you forwards through a rich and varied selection handbag Lancaster. Whether you rather worn on the cowhide leather, goat leather or synthetic, you're sure to find the handbag that will fit you to delight in our shop. Choose your article from a collection more complete now and enjoy the benefits Sacastar: free shipping, shipping in 48 hours and possible return in 30 days.