Distressed leather

Material obtained by slitting the leather. This part corresponds to the lower part of that rip which no longer includes the flower (the upper part of the dermis). This is a more rigid material and less noble than full grain leather.



Animal skin worked by the tannery, it is usually cowhide time or pork. There are multiple leather types according to the animal and how it is worked.


Leather Goods

The leather is a term that comes from the word for morocco goatskin that has been worked is to say tanned. However the definition of leather goods remains relatively vague as to the strict term encompasses trades around handbags, luggage and fashion accessories such as wallets, purse, checkbook holder, card door ... In a broad sense, leather goods includes all activities related to leather work.

Although multi-millennium, the activity of the leather is experiencing a very strong growth from and throughout the industrial revolution. The work and the use of leather is quickly etrandra alot of areas.



This is primarily an accessory to store his money, possibly bank cards and papers. Whether the currency or tickets, you can store in a wallet all your cash in one place. There is storage space par excellence of the money in a bag.



This is a bag that is worn on his back which places the burden of the material contained on the shoulders by means of padded and adjustable shoulder straps. It is very convenient for the freed hands and can carry relatively heavy weight.


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