Pencil case

Pencil case

Take a kit to compartmentalize your pens and pencils

Discover the selection of school kits for kids and in all colors on Your pen kit will therefore be able to help you very quickly in your daily life to better manage your pencils, fountain pens and erasers. Some models are equipped with two zippers that will allow you to store more pens, scissors and glue if needed.

Your school kit will be ideal for taking your pens to school, college or high school. You will find all types of kits and in all brands. The school kit is very important for your child, so take a kit that pleases your child: it is he who will use it on a daily basis and will need this accessory throughout the school year.

On our online store, find out the biggest choice of school kit templates you can take in the school binder or in the backpack. Some are provided with some storage space but most are relatively simple inside. This will give you just the place to put away what is essential for writing and coloring.

Buy your school kit to store all your pens in your schoolbag

A good back to school starts with a good storage in his backpack and especially in his school kit. So you need to store everything you need outside of your home.

On, you always have fast delivery for your school kit but also for all your school accessories. So you can try it before you go to school and make a practical storage of your pencils. You have up to 30 days to eventually change your mind so do not wait anymore!