To preserve the beauty of your long or small leather bag, we advise you to follow these recommendations:


What to know about leather !

Leather is primarily a noble and living material. The apparent veins, the irregularities are natural features of the skin. They prove the purity and quality of the leather. Like any natural material that lives, leather is likely to change with the times and take to the air and light exposure, a patina. It includes some brands, veins and color variations which are the characteristics of this material. 


Protection against rain

Unfortunately no leather can be guaranteed against rain or moisture. However, in general, hides suffered a waterproofing treatment to the tannery, in case of rain, so you need to immediately wipe off with a dry cloth only. To keep intact the quality of the skin, we recommend you keep the leather away from moisture, rain, and heat sources.


Leather natural and seed

Use a soft cloth with the essential cream leather, or more simply the cleansing milk or baby milk.


Leather smooth

Use a soft cloth with a neutral shoe polish or cream essential to polish the leather.


Patent leather
Scrub with a soft cotton cloth slightly moistened brilliantine or with a little olive oil to highlight the brightness of leather and erasing all possible traces.

For all maintenance operations, be sure not to deposit material on any parts of canvas or plastic.


The cotton and synthetic fabrics

Clean with a soft brush with water and soap. For all maintenance operations, be sure not to wet the leather parts.

A leather item asks only beautify time. The care that you take both the use as maintenance of your article will preserve its beauty. 
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